Thursday, 1 October 2009


For the past two days I've been asked to work, and I've been asked to work another couple of days later this week. It looks like I might get to work at a somewhat regular basis in the near future, though I usually don't know when until the same day, or the day before. Still, I feel very blessed for the work I've got so far.

After work I went to the largest charity shop in town and got some very nice things there: three spools of middle weight, bleached linen thread, which I'll use for sewing period clothing, and a linen dishtowel woven in a diamond twill (I love linen dishtowels).

I also bought three thimbles. I've been thinking of starting a thimble collection, and these are the first three. I like the middle one best, but the others are sort of pretty too. I also have a thimbles-I've-broken-while-sewing collection. So far I only have two thimbles which I've pierced while sewing, but it's only a matter of time until it happens again. It could be an interesting collection, a tribute if you will to my productivity as a seamstress :) I was very much surprised the first time it happened, and I thought it was a weakness in the thimble. When it happened a second time a couple of years later I realised this can actually happen at times, and there's nothing wrong with the quality of the thimbles themselves. I'm glad I've saved both of them. It'll be interesting to see how many thimbles I'll break before I die...

I started cutting out the wedding dress tonight. I had to lock the cat up in the bathroom, or he would have ruined the fabrics. He really didn't like it, and I thought it unkind to keep him in there for too long, so I didn't get enough work done. I'll have to continue tomorrow. I want it all cut out before Saturday night. I'll be working that night, so I thought I might get some of the sewing on the bodice done while trying to stay awake, but I'll have to have the pieces cut out and the tulle basted to them before I sew them together.
You might say I have much to do and less time to do it in.

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